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Living Healthy and Happy

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Relationship coaching isn't the only thing that Seth and Crystal are certified in; Seth and Crystal are both Certified Personal Trainers (CPT). Seth received his Master CPT certification and Crystal is a Certified Sports Nutritionist as well. As you may have seen, their love story started in 2011, but their fitness journey began in 2012. When they first met they weren't the people you see in these photos, Crystal was very overweight and Seth was, how he likes to call it, "skinny fat", let's just put it this way, they didn't feel very good about themselves. At the end of January of 2012 Crystal hit her enough point and decided it was time to get a gym membership, Seth came along and taught her the basics of a good fitness routine and it paid off! By the end of April Crystal had lost 55 lbs! 


Through their own fitness journey they have come to realize that if you support your partner and both want the best for each other and your relationship, your partner should follow suit and will start wanting to better themselves as well. With that being said, come August of that same year is when Seth started to take his fitness journey serious. He saw that Crystal was happy and healthy and wanted the same for himself. He started weight training and started seeing results quickly. 

Since 2012 they have just built upon the foundation that they made and continue to educate themselves, try new things, see what works or what doesn't work, learn from their mistakes, and keep the things that continue to help them succeed. Your health is something that they both firmly believe can contribute immensely to success and happiness in your life. They are here to help you achieve your own fitness goals and hopefully with that, you will see confidence and success in other aspects of your life. Cheers!

Click on the pictures above for more information.

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