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Personal Training 

Just like our marriage advice, our approach to fitness is not for everyone. But, if you are willing to put in the work required in and out of the gym; we can get you life changing results. 

At MOTR the BAR Fitness, you are not just another number to us. We want to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle that incorporates fitness, strength, nutrition, and sustainability. If we are still training you this time next year, we did not do our job! We offer short-term programs that provide long-term results and want to help others that have the desire and drive to help themselves.  

Since we have certification in both Personal Training and Sports Nutrition, we are able to completely educate you on training, technique, fat loss, muscle building, overcoming challenges, meal prep, meal plans, and weight loss. 

Your success is our only focus. When our clients succeed, we succeed. We will not sugar coat how to get the results you want and will provide you a no-nonsense map to follow on your journey. Our clients do not have to deal with the normal run-around of “gym operations”  like boring gym tours, pointless classes, membership fees, incompetent staff, annoying members, and complete lack of results. 

Personal Training from your local gym or fitness center can cost you anywhere from $55 - $120 per hour and that doesn't include your membership or nutrition coaching. They will also try to draw this out for months or even years because they do not really care about your results, just your money. Therefore, too many people never reach their transformation goals.  

If you live in the Tulsa or Broken Arrow area and are interested in a free consultation or pricing, please click here

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