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The Podcast

Seth and Crystal are certified relationship coaches who launched the Marriage on the Rocks podcast in 2018 after they realized from their own experiences that good relationships DO NOT take hard work. The podcast has been a great avenue to share their message, lessons, and help other couples find happy, healthy, and effortless relationships. 

The “Marriage on the Rocks” name is a fun reference to the signature cocktails that Seth and Crystal drink each week while they discuss the current challenges and issues that relationships face today. 

So pour you and your partner a drink and join us every Tuesday for new episodes!


Relationship Coaching

Turn your relationship from ordinary to extraordinary. Seth and Crystal pride themselves on the success of their marriage and other couples that they have helped. They are not your average relationship coaches, they made their mistakes from their previous relationships and have developed specific methods that work very well. Fill out the evaluation form and schedule a free consultation. Spots are limited. 

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