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Listeners World Wide

Although the majority of Marriage on the Rocks listeners come from the US (92%), they have a strong listener base in Canada, Europe, Australia, and 100+ other countries! 


Social Media

Marriage on the Rocks has a growing social media follower base, they have amassed a social media following of over 38K and have had their video content viewed over 50M times.



A Breath Of Fresh Air!

It's great to see a real couple talking about real issues without resorting to all of the surface level, cliché self-help marriage advice floating around that get's constantly repeated- like kicking a dead horse. This podcast is different. It's better.


Real truthful conversation, that gets you and your spouse talking! Like having drinks with your friends.

The Only One With Actual Good Advice

Seth and Crystal are the best!! They give actual advice that everyone else tells you to keep you miserable in your crappy relationship! It's helpful, serious and fun at the same time! So worth listening to!!

“I realized how I felt, and mustered up 

the courage to tell my wife finally. We're seperated and are at least amicable, and will divorce soon. I'm losing weight and focusing on paying off debt. Not all great, but I feel free.

Thank you guys so much, yall are geniuses!”

“I have received better advice from Seth and Crystal than my therapist. The podcasts are very enlightening. They have made me think about my relationship and how to improve and keep it strong. 

In addition, the drinks are amazing.” 



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