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The Eating to Lose guidelines will provide you the best meal examples for healthy and sustainable weight loss.


This guideline will include: Meal Examples, Daily Macro Guidelines, Foods to Avoid, and Rules for Healthier Eating Habits.


If you consistently follow the guidelines provided, you will not only see the changes on the scale and in the mirror, but you will look and feel better as a result of your new clean and healthy eating habits. 


Recommended to use with Men's & Women's Beginner Programs and the Shred in Six Program


*Included with purchase of 12 Weeks to Fit and the All In Programs* 

Eating to Lose

  • Please consult a doctor before attempting any physical activity listed in Marriage on the Rocks routines. Marriage on the Rocks is not a registered dietician and can only provide guidelines for a healthy eating regimen. Be aware of any food allergy you may have and do not consume anything you're not able to.

  • Once purchased, you will receive your program in a PDF format.

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